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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lamis Al Hamwi

Through her paintings Lamis Al Hamwi mixes amazing feminine touches with calm and sophisticated colours. Jawhara met with the artist to talk about her journey in art.

How did you start your artistic journey?
 My family loves painting and I inherited this talent from my cousins and my parents. In fact I don’t remember how it all started since the talent is an innate intuition born with the human being that helps him structure his core, build his inner worlds, develop his abilities and identify his personality. It’s his own secret that can’t be limited with a time frame. And that was my little secret when I was a child, in fact toys never fascinated me. I preferred drawing my cartoon characters and I used to draw my homework in a way that helped me memorise it. My parents were the first to support me promising me that they wouldl let me pursue my studies in arts. Thanks to them I became ambitious to achieve my dream in becoming a painter.

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