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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan creates allegorical images rich in symbolism, dealing with the human condition, society, and the world that surrounds him. Ryan expertly blends his long developed traditional painting techniques with ideas and subjects that are often other-worldly. Michael’s work shows his constant fortitude by alternating from bold strokes to delicate brushwork. His work is deeply psychological, each painting is a glimpse at a graceful and interrupted moment that tells a story through it’s subtle nuances.

 Showing regularly at Modern Eden Gallery owned and operated by Bradley Platz and Kim Larson(who are two of his best friends and great people), Michael Ryan also shows abroad, and is working on commercial and private commissions.

 Before that...

 I was moving my way up the West coast after being born and raised in Southern Ca. I lived in San Francisco for many years, studying art and forming relationships. Getting to be closer to nature, i ended up bouncing around the great Northwest, living in and around Seattle and ending up in Newcastle, where I am surrounded by beautiful trails, lakes and mountains

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