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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Rakhi Baid

"In shadows when I remained, ‘ART’ drew me towards the light of existence and gave a new meaning to my being.

 Painting came to me as a medium of expression of emotions that remained untold. Art to me,is a way of living life in harmony with one’s own-self. Creativity pulls me like a magnet towards itself and the passion keeps going, discovering new ends to life. Being an independent soul and a self taught artist, I myself try to capture every moment and freeze time in my paintings. 

 KRISHNA, is the symbol of love, and love means giving. Radha and Meera, both had an undying love for Krishna, but for both of them love means to let go. Similarly, in today’s day and age, we barely get time to express our love and pain to our beloved. But, through my paintings I wish to capture every feeling the human mind goes through. 

 I consider myself gifted to have the ability to express through art.

 My preferred media are oil and acrylic though I do experiment with other mediums too. The use of different techniques is prevalent in my work as this simplifies the language of my paintings. 

 For me, painting is... My Prayer... My Puja... My Ultimate Joy and Peace with Nature..

 It is a medium of Expression of Emotions that remained Untold....!

 I aim to capture, the existence of unconditional love... and freeze the time in painting... The main Magic is to put Soul into the painting to Enliven - give life to it... and I have tried to give..........!!"

Rakhi Baid

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