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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ryan Martin

"As in his earlier work, Martin probes questions of identity, sexuality and the subconscious by placing his subjects in surreal, dreamlike landscapes populated with meticulously rendered plants, animals, pop culture icons, and figures from Greco-Roman mythology. Some of his ancillary figures are immediately recognizable; others seem only to strike a chord of vague familiarity from somewhere deep in childhood experience. His subjects - family members, friends, lovers, himself - present themselves with characteristic emotional ambiguity. Are they devoid of feeling entirely, or are their expressions the product of some kind of emotional overload and shut-down?   Are the hallucinogenic dreamscapes they inhabit peaceful and utopian, or composed of pure nightmare? 

Viewed as a whole, Martin's compositions present as deconstructivist visual biography - an amalgam of objective perceptions and subconsciously generated associations that blur the boundaries between individual and collective identity"


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