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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sylvia Pavlova - Силвия Павлова

Sylvia Pavlova was born on 13.11.1979 in Sofia. 

Lives and works in Sofia. 
and associate member of the NATIONAL CHAMBER of FASHION- BULGARIA

Present in “ THE BOOK OF BULGARIAN EROTIC ATR” - doc. Radoslav Radev.

Currently working as a designer for RADINA fashion house.

1998 - Graduated The national school of applied arts "Saint Luka"in Sofia, majoring in "textile and clothing technology". 
2006 - Graduated from NBU, Theatre Arts with a major qualification in scenography.Diploma work is copyrighted and theatre project "Joan" on a novel by Emmanuel Roidis "Pope Joan".
Has experience as an artist in student and short stories as an extra performer and artist in the cinema. She has worked as a painter contractor for several projects of Theater "Albena". 

There are eight individual exhibitions, paintings in Sofia and Plovdiv. The latter being a collage technique, oil and textiles. Participated in collective exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. Take participate in national and international art competitions. Participate in national and international workshops and symposia. Won second prize in national competition "BULGARIA- PART IN PUZZLE OF EUROPE”- painting section. IMPRESSION- Participate in Plovdiv Fair, and three consecutive years in NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES, Plovdiv, organized by the VAZRAZDANE gallery- studio live. Her paintings are owned by collector's from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, the United States. The biggest of which-HAEMIMONT-18. 
In 2005 won the grand prize of the national competition has already international-"Rising Fashion”, organized by the National Chamber of Fashion in Bulgaria. Participate in the review shows in BTA, Hilton, Belgrade- organized within the Central European Initiative. Since 2006 attended workshops led by fashion trends Mara Michel, president of the Association of Germanic Designers. Painting on textiles and silk. In his spare time writes stories.

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