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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Tran Quoc Vinh

1959  Born in Hai Phong
 1981  Graduated from Hingher Music and Art School
            Member of Vietnam Graphic Artists Association
            Member of Haiphong Art and Literature Association

- I often paint the scenes at night, the shimmering lights, the moonlight, the early dawn… Only at night the dreams come and We could experience the most private world

- In the Oriental ideology, every object has its soul. Thus the old houses shelter many lives in it, with the big eyes wide-open as the sleepless in the mutual pondering, meditation, temptation and expectation…           

- Vietnamese folklore art is highly stylizing and evocative. I am also included in the realm of its influence. I like both the Western realistic style and the simplification, evocativeness of Vietnam. In my works, the background space is usually a flat, or an evocative one depending on the context. The linear perspective is not applicable here. The composition of the painting is developed from a bottom-up view. The character seems to fly up, liberal and romantic. Color is one's own choice. Colors come along with the inspiration in each painting and hard to be pre-determined. Therefore, the painting is real life, but also dreamy, and even possibly surreal … 

1990  National Fine Art Exhibition.
             Propanganda Posters for Children orgnanized by Ministry of Culture and Information.
             Young artist Club" Exhibition in Hanoi.
 1996   Fine Arts of Provinces of Red River Delta Exhibition.
 1998   Young Artist Club" Exhibition in Hai phong.
             Group exhibition in France.
 1999   Hai phong artist" Group exhibition in Hanoi.
 2000   Solo exhibition in Singapore.
 2003   Group exhibition in The Red Gallery in Dubai.
 2005   Group exhibition in Hong Kong.
 2007   Showned in Torrizaka gallery in Japan.

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Karen Thomas said...

Congratulations - Wonderful work by Tran Quoc Vinh - Quite a few of these have been featured at Toriizaka Art - please check out the website for new available works


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