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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Valeri Tsenov - Валери Ценов

Born on 27th of October 1961 in the village of Letchevo, District Montana, Bulgaria. In 1981 he ended the  High School of Fine Arts in Plovdiv. 1983 – 1989 studied and graduated illustration, book design and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia.

The artist Valery Tsenov creates in the field of painting and watercolour. His works are part of private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.

For the various journeys that Valeri Tsenov took in his life he enriched his personality and developed a creative and innovative artistic thinking. His unique artistic style combines the typical Bulgarian tradition with his own vision and understandings. By using symbols that goes beyond country borders and cultural differences Valeri Tsenov gives his spiritual messages to the world. His endless energy gives him the strength to continue his everlasting persecution of perfection, harmony and beauty.

To turn a vision into artistry, Valeri Tsenov uses two basic approaches – sign symbolism and ritualism. Both are reliable and time – proven approaches, through which “a man stays in his own house when he's on the road and moves along the road while staying in his own house”. And that road leads to the magical borderline between Things. (If it ever existed). It leads to the reality for which we might choose different words to name, which we rarely comment upon, but which is at the very basis of our intimate views. That reality, called Imagination, that slowly trickles out of the child to leave it in the hands of old age, and thus in the hands of oblivion.

Valeri Tsenov uses cleanly and paraphrases the Classical symbols; his aim is to break the balance of everyday existence, to free the conventions of their `police job` and, finally, to build the “ideal planet” where man is really a part of nature. The figures of a man or a woman, a bird or a fish, a flower or a tree…- have the symbolic character and stand above the mere knowledge of them, by which they suggest a primal and all- embracing attitude to the world. This is the source of the emphasized non- temporality and rituality in the artist`s compositions. The ritual- as a basic, sacred approach of expression; the ritual- as a sacred mingling of spirit and matter. The role of the detail is to be especially noted- it serves as guide in the labyrinth of messages, as support  in a world where its substantial side is the last thing to come to mind.

His own flexible expression combined with the characteristic pattern and almost philosophical gaze into the world define the artistic image of the Valeri Tsenov.

Krassimir Linkov - Art critic,

Head of the State Art Gallery, Plovdiv

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