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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Zin Lim

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Zin Lim received a B.F.A. in Industrial Design (Environmental) from Hong Ik University, Seoul in 2000. In that same year, Lim moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. He received a 2nd B.F.A. in 2003 and M.F.A. in 2006 for Fine Art: Figurative Painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Zin Lim dedicated his school time to achieve solid craftsmanship in representational oil painting. Simultaneously, he spent the half of the time for Non-Representational realm, because Lim believes that each of these disparate structures is not only complements the other but also increases space of creative potentiality between them.



Special Recognition, 9th Annual Realism International Juried Show

Hoffman Trust Award, 49th International Award Exhibition


Best of Show, Salon International 2006

Exceptional Merit Award, Portrait Society of America Internatioal Portrait Competition

Award of Excellence, Oil Painters of America 15th National Exhibition

Second Place, Expressions West 2006

Portrait Award, American Splash National Juried Show


Top 10 Finalist, International Artist’s Magazine Competition



International Artist’s Magazine, Master Showcase-The Art of the Portrait

Southwest Art MAgazine, The Grand Prize Winner of Salon International 2006

Portrait Society of America Newsletter, 2006 International Portrait Competition Winners

The World Link, Award Winners of Expressions West 2006


International Artist’s Magazine, Award Winners of Competition Challenge #44


2006 MFA Fine Art, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

2003 2BFA Fine Art, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

2000 BFA Industrial/Environmental Design, Hong Ik University, Seoul, South Korea


Figure Studio & Figurative Painting, Graduate School of Fine Art, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

Directed Study Advisor & Tutor, Graduate School of Fine Art, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

The subject I intend to present on canvas is the process of communication between an object, me, and a canvas. The goal is to reveal being identified by setting up relations among the 3 subjects. I believe identity is not immutable but it defined in relation to external factors, by the connection between them and also is constantly changing.

Without any particular expectation for an outcome, my work is advanced by 3 major procedures:

1. I will paint brush strokes on a canvas in the same way my eyes examine the object being painted. I will do this simultaneously.

2. Before I actually analyze what I perceive, I will visualize the invisible rhythm captured by my hand.

3. I will let accidents occur on the canvas and make them inevitable.

The differences between my pieces are natural and inevitable results, because I rely on impromptu sensations for large portion of my work. The above three methods prevent me from being confined to the following three problems:

1. Object-centered Representation: the confinement of expression to its physical object

2. Artist-centered Abstraction: the overindulgence in what is called subjective art

3. The canvas-centered Action Painting: the overemphasis of the event

The realm I paint is somewhere between each three of the realms above. That area is most flexible, ever-changing and has creative potentiality. What I want to show in my painting, however, is the reality which is reanalyzed by mutual understanding between an object, myself, and the canvas.

Zin Lim won numerous awards including some of the most prestegious national and international competitions, such as; Best of Show at ‘The Salon International’, Exceptional Merit Award at ‘The Portrait Society of America’, and Award of Excellence at ‘The Oil Painter’s of America.’

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