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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Erika Husselmann

"b. 1955

Working from her home studio in Auckland, New Zealand, Erika has been exhibiting for 7 years. Her medium of choice is oil although she also works in acrylic, mixed media, small sculpture, assemblage, collage and paper. 

Her works are idiosyncratic, subtle, free and sometimes loud and colourful, but also whimsical, quirky, playful, naive. They speak of a spontaneous engagement with the materials at hand. Her reference is biographical as well as an interest in material and what it does.

Techniques include alla primo, impasto and sgraffito, also layering through glazing – these are often combined but regularly employed according to what the specific work may demand in a heuristic way. She often allows the work to take off in a different direction by letting it develop rather than follow the initial planned concept, thereby allowing the work to ‘speak’ with a unique voice. Erika also employs recycled materials to ensure a footprint as small as possible.

Her favourite artists include Eva Hesse, Robert Ryman, Niele Toroni, Richard Serra, Matisse, Peter Adsett. She is a trained classical pianist and holds a Batchelor in Music as well as an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity.

Her work is held in private collections in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and Sweden."

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