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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jean-Louis Corby

Geometric Elegance

 It is through
 the cohesion
 of movement
 and mind that
 the Corby
 figures adorn
 with a
 elegance that
 induces their

From his studio, the sculptor Jean-Louis
 Corby discreetly observes the great human
 fraternity. Attentive to everything, he
 analyzes physical and moral behavior and
 adapts the plastic of movement to human
 psychology. Better than a long speech,
 through the work of volumes and shapes,
 his hands sculpt a figure always the same,
 stateless, active, avid for existence. It is
 through the cohesion of movement and
 mind that the Corby figures adorn
 themselves with a geometrical
 elegance that induces their feelings.

2007/2007 El Paseo Invitational Exhibition - Dansuer was purchased by the city of Palm Desert and added to their public arts collection. This sculpture has been place in front of the Palm Desert Civic Center

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