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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lima Junior

Pittore autodidatta, segno LIMA JR. Tecnica: Olio su tela testurizzata. La sua tendenza artistica si può dire che e una vocazione, in quanto il suo lavoro rappresenta una forma moderna Figuratrivo, i sogni e le fantasie dei bambini che esistono dentro di noi. Ritratta di un modo fantastico scene gioco, il circo, i musicisti, i paesaggi e scene di vita quotidiana, scene del passato, presente e forse anche il futuro. I suoi personaggi sono figure della sua immaginazione, ma il tema e i costumi, sono frutto di profondo studio dei gesti, modi e abiti d'altri tempi e chi sa vindouros.Suo lavoro appartiene a qualsiasi luogo in qualsiasi momento ...

When we observe Brazilian artist Lima Junior's works, we immediately notice his considerable narrative skins and great compositional effort, which is the case with very few contemporary painters. We can appreciate the artist's benevolent appropiation of charactres can be seen either in their most likely (at times evenunlikely. for that matter) condition or in their own tradidional conventions, or both. We can also notice the artist's tendency to evince dailly-accepted ironic provocativeness and admirable commitment in the artistic rendering of Lima Junior's works: well, in my humble opinion, there is only interwoven answewr to this dilemma - ironic narration and technical composition are deeply interwoven they are as one, from inception to completion, thus making for one indissoluble creative process. Moreover, Lima Junior's institinctive, yet controlled, dextery in figure redering, socio-environmental construction and chromatic choice gives us- art experts and critics as well as uninformed viewers and lay art enthusiasts - the exact perception of having come across a complete and outstanding artitst. Finaly. ther is one last conscideration l cannot fail to make: this Brazilian artist's unrestrained imagination and brilhant creativity always lead hin to find unprecedented solutions, tell extravagant, yet possible and aometimes inexorable stories and create smart and witty scenes. His inexhaustible imagination and creativity is coupled with a ues of colour initimately related to the primal message, whch is always "constructive", cogent and suplle, moving and taking. Thus, Lima Junior's painting amuses us and mediate. It fascinates us and moves us by witnessing the moral strength and intellectual acuteness of an artist who is the single and sole passionate and permanent guardian of the great garden of the most human eccentricities, of the most umpredictable scenes fron our past, presenttandperhaps future as well.
 Remo Alessandro Piperno - Art Critic.

Pintor autodidata, assina LIMA JR. Técnica: Óleo sobre tela TEXTURIZADA . Sua tendência artística pode se dizer que e uma vocação,já que seu trabalho retrata de uma Forma Figurativo moderno, os sonhos e fantasias de crianças que existem dentro de nós. Retrata De uma maneira fantástica cenas lúdicas, circenses, músicos, paisagens e cenas do cotidiano, cenas de épocas passadas, o presente e talvez até o futuro. Seus personagens são figuras de sua imaginação mas a temática, vestimentas, são frutos de profundos estudos de gestos, maneiras e indumentárias de tempos idos e quem sabe vindouros, sua obra pertence a todo lugar, a todas as épocas...

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