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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Maciej Urbaniak

Born in Krakow, currently lives and works in a village near Krakow Modlnica. He is graduated from the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. In the work of Maciej Urbaniak the main theme are: nudes, landscapes and still lifes. These paintings, through its unparalleled tapestry like texture. These are woven painting visions of huge sensitivity, sense of harmony and color. His women are subtle lover, someone's waiting in suspense visit. Locked in a warm atmosphere, full of intimate sensuality, and their nakedness is merely an emanation of innocence Still lifes and landscapes complement these unreal worlds, where the shells, flowers, and ordinary objects take on new meanings. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions. Permanent works of renowned galleries in the country and abroad.

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