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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nitin Ghangrekar

"Born and brought up in Pune, here I completed my schooling and studied Applied Art 
 (Commercial Art) in Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya.

 With this creative urge I decided to exhibit my individual passion and love for art and realize its magnitude. I designed and executed murals for a reputed Jwellery showroom, Banks, Health Clubs, Educational institutes and Hospitals, sketched huge illustrations on glass for a health club, also executed a commissioned work at Mr. Rahul Bajaj’s residence (Bajaj Auto), and Designed brochures & entire corporate identity for ‘Rani Holistic Health Center’ an ayurvedic health center in Chicago (U.S.A.), and undertook few more designing works for Architects and Interior decorators. 

 All these works gave the platform for experiences and support to nourish my greater love for paintings.
 The village men with turbans and their rustic attires inspired me to paint them in various moods and movements in oils, portraying in bold strokes. 
 These works also captured the limelight at a show along with Great Master M.F.Hussain, organized by Mid-Day & Holiday Inn. 

The rhythm of the music still vibrated in my ears, taking different notes and the holy chants evoked a divine feeling that touched my mind and soul. This transformed into the series of 'Holymen'. The intense feelings and the engrossment of the holy souls merging in divinity as they chant & sing their prayers to the one above, inspired me to paint in pure, bright and vibrant colours. My palates were filled with radiating colours to express their cosmic vision and energy in all forms of art & life.

 My figurative then took a mystic turn as I painted them in blues reflecting the magical mood of the figures merged in the blissful atmosphere of dawn & dusk. As the light filters through and the wind sways leaving a rhythm in the air, it strikes a musical note in silence which feels like a poetry on the canvas. Here was the dawn of the series of paintings called ‘Mystic Blues’ exhibited at 'Artist Center' in Mumbai. Renowned Art Connoisseurs Mrs. Mohini Seth, Mrs. Didi Vaidya, Mrs. Rohita Doshi gave me the platform in their 'Afordable Art Show' 

 The "Holymen" then transformed into the sequel that enhanced my creative urge to dwell upon "Gurukul" the way of life which embodies a cosmic vision to acquire the real essence of knowledge and harmony with nature. 

 On my travel to a 'Gurukul' I was fascinated to see children studying Veda & various other aspects at their Guru’s (an enlightened teacher) residence in the traditional way. 

 The children’s innocence & mischief combined with their vivaciousness carries me to an altogether delightful state. Every moment is interesting & there is a movement in every moment. The canvas encompasses vast horizon of life representing tradition in the form of innocence, growing and merging itself in its movement. It extends and streamlines itself into present where tradition and modernity meet each other. There is a joy in sharing those moments, when the cadence of the flute still reverberates in the atmosphere. The canvas awaits to fill itself with captivating expressions and refreshing moods. Their striking saffron robes with blue body tone reflects their clam and blissful nature in harmony. 

 Renowned Art Connoisseurs Mr. Dilip De & Mrs. Shobhaa De appreciated my work and promoted me by hosting an exclusive show at ‘De Farm’- Alibaug. 

 I was inspired to paint a series on ‘Sisters’ with cherished the memories of an innocent and caring bond of playful childhood. Simple moments of togetherness seem special. 

The vibrant colours in a pure form also seem to be eager to spread, mix and mingle smoothly conveying the essence of happiness, energy and pure joy. 

 This manifestation of love has enhanced my creative urge to portray it with that ease of spontaneity and creativity, merging and emerging on the vast canvas of life.

 This series was exhibited at the ‘Jehangir Art Gallery’ in Mumbai." 

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