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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Pierre Chevassu

Eternal, intemporal, fascinating, beautiful and attractive, those are the adjectives one must use to describe Pierre Chevassu’s muses. Never quite the same, never quite different, his women are soulful and seem to be very in touch with their femininity. 

This French-born artist has been working for over 20 years, participating in the greatest Parisian salons, as well as in many exhibits in foreign lands. He paints portraits of women, symbolizing them in a thousand ways, but always with fine faces and striking beauty. His rich, elegant and enigmatic paintings have won him several first prizes as well as great admiration from art lovers.

One would think that the unique theme of his paintings could end up being repetitive ; on the contrary, one discovers in fact that the variety of his works is infinite and neverending. This amazing feat is obviously due to the creative genius of the artist, who seems to be holding in between his fingers a brush so thin and supple that it becomes almost impossible to see the brushstrokes on the varnished canvas. His backgrounds are intricate and colourful, giving to his artwork an elegance and a touch of richness and softness that cannot be imitated ; Pierre Chevassu’s works are now included in the collections of the most serious and discriminating buyers. 

He can be classified as a great contemporary painter of women, portraying them intensely with beauty and passion. The artist exhibits throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.


Médaille d’Argent de la ville de Paris
 Grand Prix Goya
 Médaille d’Argent de la Fédération nationale de la culture française
 Grand Prix Rubens
 Médaille d’Or du Mérite Européen
 Grand Prix de la Côte des Arts 
 Premier Prix Figuratif New York
 Premier Prix Figuratif Monaco

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