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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Prakash Pore

Born in 1981, Prakash Pore is from a small town from Maharastra, where he has experienced different stages in his life. He mainly paints village life; his subjects are simple and easy to understand which satisfies him the most. His paintings are beautiful and full of life. According to the artist, village is the best place to enjoy the real beauty of nature and human life; the diversity of culture also attracts him a lot. His paintings are bright and happy expressions of joyous union with stylized figures and forms. Prakash says, “Through my works, I have depicted human beings and their emotions in the most simplistic ways”.

 Prakash has explored various subjects like birds, musicians, puppet shows and more, in various styles. Like in his painting Puppet show, it has a centralized light and one can see the good use of light and shade; whereas, in his Musicians series, he has beautifully expressed the flow of colours and strokes of brush to show the rhythm. This shows Prakash changes his technique according to the subject. One can observe the freshness in his paintings; backgrounds are normally reds to show the richness in the subject. Pleasing colours, patterns, designs, dance & drama are the few elements in his works.

 Prakash studied GD in Art in 2002, and thereafter a Diploma in Art Education, in 2003. He has shown his works in various galleries in Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata. He has received the Hyderabad Art Society Award in 2003. His works are in collections with many art lovers in India and abroad.

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