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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Anne Gregerson

Artist Bio

I grew up in Idaho, the daughter of an avid outdoorsman. Following my dad over mountain trails, and floating the South Fork of the Snake River with him in the old yellow rubber raft, I learned to see and love the beauty of the earth. That connection with nature is still my touchstone, my soul's anchor. I moved from Idaho over twenty years ago, and have since lived in Arizona and Utah, where I have fallen in love with the desert, especially the red rock country.

I studied at the Tucson Museum of Art School, Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona, and received a BFA in fine art with an emphasis in sculpture from Brigham Young University. I also completed K-12 Art Education certification and taught art for several years in Utah schools. I continue to learn from other artists through classes, workshops, and conferences. I am involved in community arts programs, and work in my home studio in Provo, Utah.

Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to the human figure as subject matter for my art. In recent years, much of my work has portrayed introspective individual figures, mostly female. I hope to capture a feeling, a moment, a fleeting thought, and to explore the relationship between the body, mind and spirit. In my current work, I seek to represent the invisible things that happen inside our minds and hearts, such as dreams, memories or wishes. I hope people who view my work might see reflected something familiar that they have felt or experienced.

My work is primarily hand built in clay, often incorporating mixed media elements such as metal, wood, or found objects. I use a variety of fired and post fired finishes, often glaze-firing pieces multiple times to achieve the desired effect. I often stay close to the natural earth tones I love, but recently have been experimenting with a broader range of colors.

I seldom work from a model, though I constantly study the features and forms of those women that surround me now and those that exist in memory and imagination.


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