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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Erica Calardo

"I was born in Genoa, on the italian northern seaside, on the ides of may, anno Domini MCMLXXX.

As a child I was a little over inquisitive and a little obsessed by drawing and art history. So when I grew up I got a degree in philosophy and a phd in mathematical logic. which doesn't make sense. and then I decided to follow my lifelong passion for visual arts and thus attended the Fine Art Academy of Bologna (illustration and comics, fine arts). I am geeky. I know that.

In 2009 with Soulfood Community I founded Soupy Records, a project involving both music and visual arts.

I am currently living and working in Bologna, italy. My favourite medium is traditional oil painting, though I enjoy watercolours as well. I paint over canvas, wood panels, old golden frames and whatever I find in my cellar.

I love illustration and fairy tales, old christmas postcards, ancient greek, latin, logic and baroque patterns."

Erica Calardo

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