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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Karina Rungenfelde

Born in 1978 in USSR and spent my happy childhood in the Soviet Union.

I'm Ukrainian by nation, but I was born in Riga and received my Fine Arts Master's degree in painting in the Art Academie in Latvia. I got irresistibly inspired by Ukrainian folklore fairytales and old classical paintings of Russian school.
My first group exhibition which I took part was in 1997 in Australia. This International Latvian Youth Art Exhibition has bought together works by young Latvian artists from Latvia, Australia, America, Canada and Germany.

My works appear in various private collections in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, England, Italy, Germany and Australia.

The Art of Spain: Artist Statement
I have never been in Spain, but I have always admired Spanish art and culture. My works for The Art of Spain group show are inspired by several different influential Spanish artists, ranging from the 17th to the 20th century.  ‘Bodegone’ is inspired by typical Spanish still life art, bodegón. This style of painting by artists such as Adriaen Corte and Francisco de Goya became popular in Spain in the mid 17th century. Both Madonnas of Kangaroo are inspired by Salvador Dali’s use of elephants and his Catholicism period artworks, so these works are both a tribute to Dali and to Australia. ‘Minotaur with a dead mare and a young girl’ is simply an homage to Picasso and his enduring use of the mythological bull-headed creature. I think Picasso and Dali were two Spanish geniuses and I find their work quite revolutionary, however one of my favourite painter is Francisco de Goya, especially his portraiture works. I think he had delicate sense of colour and this is the most important for artist – to feel colour.


2003-2005 Art Academy of Latvia, Master degree of Fine Arts, figural painting department
1998-2002 Art Academy of Latvia, BA degree of Fine Arts,
1990-1997 J.Rozental Riga Art School 
Member    of  Latvian  Artist’s  Union   

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