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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Konstantinos Vaviloussakis

Greece, 1970, Live and work in Athens, "Konstantinos Vaviloussakis flirts with eroticism and the grotesque, with fluidity and alterity, with anonymity and concealment, adopts modern technological codes against abstract backdrops and times settings and relishes the ominous version of contemporary painting. He stages, composes, reworks, subverts, disorientates, derides and envisions; he is not garrulous, and above all he persists. He is an artist who expresses the most modern version of painting which leads to the subversive field of the new imagery, the new virtual reality. His is a special form of painting whose codes are not totally clear because they are still evolving." Martha Chalikia

studies: 2001_Magazine production and design course, Central Saint Martins, London 1995_Graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece

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