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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lynn Christopher

The experience of looking at art is rich with mystery, wonder, and curiosity.  The artist is in a unique position, one of creating a work of art that can stir any one of these emotions within the us as viewers and mine the potential of connecting with our own humanity . In starting a sculpture, I look for a moment through gesture that will resonate with the potential of evolving into something that has deeper meaning, which will be discovered as the piece develops. I work from the model, but I am not interested in copying what is in front of me. I emphasize rhythms, subtle gestural notes, and facial expressions to create a presence, a life that brings to the viewer a connection to the emotion that develops as the work evolves. I want to offer sculpture that, when viewed, allows us to recognize the elusive nature of our selves.   Ultimately each sculpture must have it's own unique presence that is visceral, introspective and timeless.

I began my career as a Set Designer at Universal Studios in the art department. I went on to become an Art Director, and over the span of 33 years, worked on many wonderful films and television shows, both set designing and art directing at the major film studios.               In the last few years, I have studied at the local art academies in the Los Angeles area, first painting, then, as the classes became available, I studied sculpture. I have had the privilege to study with some extraordinary sculptors during that time, which helped to set the direction of my current work approach. I am now working full time in my studio, focusing on the nude figure and portraits.

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