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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Marek Zyga

The works which I presentation are made of chamotte day. I am fascinated with is rough structure. 
Through impressing, casting, forming I try to obtain its variety.

Looking for ideas, I collect stones, metal scraps, which constitute an inspiration for me. Their randomness 
make my works unique. Trying to maintain harmony between used materials I remember that clay is the 
most crucial one. I hope that such connection is succesful.

Using pigments, engobes or glazes, I try to make them color coordinated; where there is a visible diversity, 
I try avoid color clash. Final result means for me giving equal importance to art and craft as well. Content 
is important for me but I pay the same attention to form.
As far as my works concerned, I am trying to appeal to a sophisticated and wide audience as well.

Marek Zyga

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