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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Yiorgos P. Kavounis

Yiorgos - Panayiotis Kavounis

He was born in Athens (Greece) 1979. He took his first lessons of academic drawing and painting at N. Stefos' workshop and later at D. Sarasitis'. In 2001 he entered the Athens School of Fine Arts where he studied under Professor Chronis Botsoglou. He graduated in 2007 with honors. In 2005 he studied for 6 months at the Department of Fine Arts (Facultad de Bellas Artes) of the University of Valencia (Politecnica).


"Whispers and screams, left and right, searching beneath stones, up high in the sky, for saviors. Crisis; difficult times. However, why should art, as though it were a politician, assume the role of some savior risen up from his deathbed?

Art, in any one of its forms, is a personal matter, deeply rooted in the judgment of the one. It lives and dies with the person, it is an integral part of him and it wanders with him up until the end. It is molded, shaped and aroused by the social and spiritual circumstances he experiences, either breathing heavily in the Western world’s crisis or floundering in totalitarian regimes or being delirious in earthly paradises.

The attributing of a role to art – in any facet of life – is something that does not constitute a prerequisite for me; on the contrary, it is inextricably linked with artistic intellectuals and instructors, “specialists” and others who are responsible for the regime art that oozes “un-talent”.  Thus, it is up to each creator whether he will stay intact, whether he will mold and develop his own essential criteria and continue to lead his own way wondering and “bellicose”.

In short, art – for the author – was, is, and will be, personal. And just like another Kafka’s mattock, it must break the frozen sea within us."

"Concord and discord, compliance and discrepancy, love and hate. Opposing elements that compose unbreakable pairs in which the plus and the minus coexist. Man has the tendency to forget, in all probability purposefully, the two sides of life, and to assume the role of a handyman, who rabidly builds walls of ethics, digs spiritual burrows, and creates mansions of massifications, so as to shamelessly hide his non-existence. The notion of the opposites, and the way in which they endlessly co-habit and cooperate, characterizes and feeds my artwork with flesh. It is the moving force that preserves my thirst for indifference towards any norm of a paleontologic as well as of an innovative spiritual and artistic pastorate. My images love the heretic mixtures, the moral perversions and the poetic disorder. All in all, humbly and consistently, they just carry my un-avast."

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