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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Alain J. Picard

Alain Picard earned a BA in illustration from Western CT State University and went on to study at the Art Student's League in New York City. Picard cites Sargent, Degas, and Sorolla among his artistic influences. A love of light and beauty are immediately apparent in his pastel and oil paintings. Alain's work has been featured in such publications as The Artist's Magazine and The Pastel Journal. He has garnered top awards throughout the Northeast in esteemed exhibitions including the Portrait Society of America, the Hudson Valley Art Association, the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, the Connecticut Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of America. Alain is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America as well as the Connecticut Pastel Society where he serves as President. In 2004, The Artist's Magazine highlighted Alain as one of 20 contemporary artists "On the Rise". He later won the Best Portfolio Award at the 2009 Portrait Society of America Conference in Washington, DC. A frequent workshop instructor and demonstrator for art associations, schools, galleries and museums, Alain was recently invited to demonstrate a portrait in pastel at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He lives with his wife and two sons in Southbury, Connecticut.

John Woodrow Kelley

Greek Mythology Paintings

Mr. Kelley is an artist whose entire life's work is devoted to creating a contemporary interpretation of the classical tradition in western civilization. This ambition is expressed through a series of paintings inspired by Greek mythology, as well as a study of the uniqueness of the human individual through the genre of portraiture. Mr. Kelley's attraction to Greek mythology is born of the belief that it embodies everything that is timeless about the human experience, and therefore is worthy of an interpretation expressing our own age.

Mr. Kelley dates the beginning of his interest in classicism to the time when, at age six, his parents took him to the world's only full scale replica of the Greek Parthenon in the capital of his home state, Nashville, Tennessee. The human oriented proportions of that building, and the canon of beauty expressed in the collection of plaster casts of the great fifth century b.c. statues by Polykleitos and Pheidias which are inside, began his lifelong ambition to express the classical tradition. Mr. Kelley took a degree in art history from the University of Tennessee and a degree in architecture from Pratt Institute in New York before turning to the study of painting and drawing at the Art Students League and the New York Academy in New York. His Principal teacher was Mr. Ted Jacobs, who teaches the precepts of the academic tradition, with it's emphasis on accurate drawing and the study of anatomy. Mr.Jacobs now presides over his own school in the south of France.

During the course of his career Mr. Kelley has received commissions from such institutions as the Morgan Library, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and Yale University. Mr. Kelley has shown his work at, among others, the John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, Ca., and Fischbach Gallery in New York, and is currently showing in the More Gallery in Philadelphia, Pa., and Pandora Old Masters in Milan, Italy. His work is represented in the private collections of the senior vice president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mr. Ashton Hawkins, and the writers, Mr. Reynolds Price and Mr. David Halberstam. His work has been published in the New York Times, the American Arts Quarterly, the Italian magazine,"Amica", and the architectural publication,"The Classicist." Mr. Kelley is a fellow of the Morgan Library, and a fellow of the Institute of Classical Architecture. He divides his time between his studios in New York City and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mr. Kelley's conviction about the perennial relevance of classicism to human sensibility, and his determination to create a body of work expressing a contemporary interpretation of that tradition, places him squarely in the growing body of artists who are rebelling against the meaningless gimmickry and vacuity of modernism in the visual arts. The writer Tom Wolf recently predicted in the New York Times that the modern giants so touted today by the art mafia will be as forgotten in the coming century as the great academic masters once were in the last. Mr. Kelley firmly believes that the truly revolutionary art of the twenty-first century will not only employ the universal language of representationalism, but will also embody a spiritual continuity with the great classical tradition of humanity.

Statement of Intent

The Greek myths embody everything that is timeless about the human experience. They reveal truths and acknowledge mysteries. They survive in the subconscious of Western man to the point that to learn about them is to experience a shock of recognition. They have been a successful vehicle for man's pursuit of self knowledge for countless generations, which is the reason I have chosen to make yet another interpretation of them through my paintings. Each generation has been inspired to a unique interpretation, and I have tried to present the old myths in a new way, showing all the irony and conflict of the modern world. The figures are contemporary, but the situations are ancient. It is a way of saying,"we are new, but we are old," "we are young, but we must die". History continually humbles the arrogance of man. The Greek myths tell us that this is our fate as well as our redemption.

John Woodrow Kelley

Chen Wan Shan - 陈皖山

Chen Wan Shan - 陈皖山

Chen Wan Shan was born in 1962. After his graduation from Che Chiang Fine Arts College in 1985, he taught at the Central fine Arts and Technological Institute in Peking. Both his sculptures and paintings have been exhibited frequently in art and sculpture exhibitions held in the country.? Chen is especially interested in the beauty of human anatomy. He is also excellent in presenting the round human figure in a flat two-dimensional plane. Imaginative and unconventional, he enjoys depicting the nudes in their different features. In January 1989, the Fine Arts Magazine in Peking held an exhibition of “the Nude” for him in the China Art Gallery. In this exhibition, 30 of his oil paintings on this subject, completed during the last two years, reflected the unique charm created by the sculptor. Chen is the first artist who has had his own exhibition held under the subject of “the human figure in the nude”.

Dai Ze - 戴泽

戴泽 Dai Ze

Sichuan Yunyang
March 23, 1922 Born in Kyoto, Japan.

Ellen Buselli

"...they (Buselli’s paintings) seem to borrow something from the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi in the way in which they take familiar objects and impart a sort of metaphysical presence."
— Newsday

Painter Ellen Buselli uses her personal collection of antique vases, old Roman glass, pottery from the American Arts & Craft movement, pueblo pottery, and other artifacts for subject matter. Her influences have been the Dutch Masters, as well Chardin, Fantin la Tour, Sargent, Chase, Emil Carlsen and Morandi. Buselli has exhibited her work in galleries throughout the country and has collected awards and recognition from the National Academy of Design, American Artist magazine, The Artist's Magazine, Oil Painters of America (Signature Member), American Women Artists (Master Signature Member), Allied Artists of America, Knickerbocker Artists, Catharine Lorillard Wolf Art Club, the Ridgewood Art Institute, American Artists Professional League, and the Salmagundi Club. She studied at the Art Students League of New York, the Tyler School of Art in Rome, Italy, and Cornell University where she received a bachelor of fine arts degree.

Harry Kwinkelenberg

Kwink-art of Kwinkelenberg...

"His profile has made a clear presence through "Kwink Art; and in presentations at exhibitions and through the co-operation with art-galleries."


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