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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Grzegorz Wróbel

Born in 1983,  Grzegorz Wróbel an architect by profession, started painting with watercolors at the age of 12.

“During my studies at the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, I learnt a lot about watercolors. Although the faculty of Architecture at this university has a strong tradition in drawings and watercolors, but most of my skills are gained from my own study and personal interest in this medium, and from friends who also work with watercolors.”

Michael Paul Miller

I am fascinated by perseverance and find this primordial instinct and necessity of life to be ennobling and suspect, especially when the path is perilous and end is bleak.

My work explores the sublimity of existence through a post-apocalyptic environment emblematic of death, disaster, and desolation, without abandoning subtle indications of hope and beauty. This deconstructive setting is a harrowing and plausible circumstance that allows for an open-ended inquiry into the bewildering human condition, and enables the subject matter to address an extensive range of contemporary issues. 

I take refuge in the power and versatility of oil paint on canvas. I have deep respect and appreciation for its immediacy, history, and its transformative capability to depict the authentic. I use traditional glazing, scumbling, and impasto techniques with a dark and rich color palette to create the subdued tones and distressed atmosphere associated with destruction. In selective areas I apply bright cautionary cadmiums that break through the darkness to present an alarming beauty.

The imagery I create and manner in which I work comes from a variety of sources including a grand tradition of studio painters. I feel indebted to the artistic accomplishments of many, though the works of Goya, Turner, Géricault, and Homer often come to mind. As for other sources of creation, I rely upon symbolism, ingenuity, intuition, knowledge, and happenstance. I am intrigued and often mystified by the wonder and awe of personal experience and its relationship to consciousness, delusion, and purpose. I seek out the gray and am delighted when my paintings raise open-ended questions that are subject to different interpretation.

In which direction does the road lie? We seek answers to the many questions of life and are seldom pacified. An apocalypse is inevitable and when this moment arrives will we finally know. As conscious beings we have emerged from infinite mystery, and into mystery we’ll return. In the end we may find that mystery is all there is. Until then, may these paintings be an enduring reminder.


2007 - M.F.A. - Painting - University of WI - Madison

2006 - M.A. - Painting - University of WI - Madison

2003 - B.F.A. - Painting/Graphics - University of WI - Oshkosh


2009 - Best Artwork - 2009 Issue of Crosscurrents - Selected by the Washington Community College Humanities Association - Des Moines, WA

2009 - Nominated for Seattle City Light Direct Artwork Purchase - Selected by Deborah Paine, Curator for the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs - Seattle, WA

2007 - UW Project Assistantship - Selected by Derrick Buisch, Associate Professor of Art - Madison, WI

2006 - Nominated for the Dedalus Foundation Grant - Selected by the UW Department of Art as their 2006 2-D candidate - Madison, WI

2005 - Edith L Gilbertson Scholarship - "Advancing the Field of Art” - Selected by the UW Department of Art - Madison, WI

2003 - Best of 2-D - UWO Student Honors Exhibition - Allen Priebe Gallery - Oshkosh, WI

2003 - Chancellor's Merit Award - UWO Student Honors Exhibition - Allen Priebe Gallery - Oshkosh, WI

2003 - Second Place in the Category of 2-D - UWO Student Art and Photo Exhibition - Steinhilber Art Gallery - Oshkosh, WI

Penelope Long

Introducing the artist Penelope Long, embraced as the next young stimulating emerging artist.

Penelope completed a BA in Fine Arts at RMIT, majoring in painting and has already been a finalist in a number of reputable art prizes including the Portia Geach Memorial Award (2004), the Redlands Westpac Art Prize Competition (2003) and the Conrad Jupiters Art Prize Exhibition (1998) to name a few.

Her work is included in the collections of: BHP Billiton, Artbank, IBM and Yallourn Energy. Numerous astute private collectors have also purchased her work, appreciating the technical competence of her painting, the unique and arresting subject matter and recognizing the great market potential of investing in her work whilst she is still an emerging artist.

"New work by this promising young artist who has been a finalist in a number of prestigious art prizes. This shall be her first Sydney exhibition where she will show her dramatic, energetic, well balanced and abstract work which is inspired by figurative Renaissance elements."

2006 (source)


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