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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Mia Tarney

Mia Tarney was born in Surrey in 1973 and educated at The Heatherley School of Fine Art, London, where she obtained a diploma in portraiture and figurative painting.

 Mia has since moved from figurative painting towards still life and, in particular, floral and plant subjects. Drawn to the tremendous energy flowers embody, she is captivated by their ability to be both delicate and ethereal yet generating force and strength: "The variations of shape and colour are a wonder and each variety is a uniquely masterful design."

 Mia is meticulous in her approach of her study of subtle shades, contrasts, forms and spaces throughout. She aims to capture the essence of her subject and allows it complete ownership of the canvas. By enlarging the scale, the nature of the subject is intensified and thus depicts concentrated areas to reveal a wall of life. In this way, the subject becomes an arresting landscape to be absorbed and inspired by.

Cane Dojcilovic

Born 1963 in Sabac, Serbia. 
Lives and works in New York City,
United States. 

Graduated at Belgrade University of Arts (Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department). Diploma (1988) awarded by the University of Arts, following a five-year program in Fine Arts, with a major in Painting. Participated in over hundred juried group exhibitions in Europe and United States (mostly in New York City) and several independent exhibitions.


 “Process”- Internal (Poetic)

 Million brush strokes, million graphite threads… Simplifying complicated artfulness, eliminating hollow sentimentality into synthetic void… Million thoughts, million absences of thoughts… Complicating simple yet again, fragmenting… Looking for the symbiosis of the extremes of opposites: sharp and soft, stillness and motion, bright and dark, imaginative affection and contrived passion, deceitful artfulness and graceful empathy. Many separate, meaningless lines, saturated shapes, voids and shadows, rhythms, “plays” and structures are forming and becoming visible. Following the line, denying the line its own path… Searching for the beautiful, exquisite, graceful, cultured, creative, imaginative sensitive, nexus, crux… fulcrum? Avoiding artificial, synthetic, bogus, contrived, fake, false, hollow insincere, phony, pretended… Trying to find any sense in it but there is none. Erasing everything and starting over again. Simplifying, repeating and fragmenting again…Complicating again… Overdoing, obsessing, avoiding, ignoring, insisting… Erasing everything and starting all over again. Trying to remember all the brush strokes and graphite lines where sub-consciousness and muscle memory lives? The night is as quiet as it is quiet in a jar of pickled cucumbers and, again and from nowhere, I smell oil paints, coffee and cigarettes at four o’clock in the morning twenty fife years ago… Sometimes it is too early to finish the painting just as sometimes it is too late in the morning to go to sleep…"

Caroline Elkington

Born in Somerset in 1955. From a family of artists and writers.

Tutored by Roy Nebbs, an RA exhibitor. Attended West Dean College on a portrait painting course, but mainly self-taught. Worked briefly in London for the film producer Richard Goodwin.

Taught portrait painting for 15 years for Gloucestershire County Council Adult Education and general painting at Oxfordshire County Council Burford Community College.

Began painting professionally in 1975, including graphic design, photography, picture framing, picture restoration, framing and frame decoration tuition, book illustration, portrait painting, and exhibiting and selling non-commissioned work.


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