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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Andrew (Ando) Binsiar


Born a twin to a very young mother who is a part of the stolen generation… Ando and His twin were 
placed into foster care and taken to Meekatharra when he was 18months old… remaining in 
Meekatharra for most of his life only leaving to attend school for two years then returning.
He met his wife and became a father at 19… working as a part of the local CDEP program to support 
his growing family although art has always played a part in his life. Experimenting with the art of 
tattooing from an early age with his close friends and family. He also has tried such mediums as lead 
pencil, charcoal and acrylic paint but tattooing stayed his medium for the past 21 years.
At the age of thirty Ando found himself working more with paint. Entering local art competitions he 
found that traditional aboriginal art seemed to compliment his portrait style.
Consulting with a few of the elder artists in Meekatharra, who encouraged Ando to keep true to his 
style telling him that the telling of the modern stories of our people need to be told as well, this 
inspired Ando even more.
While working away from his wife and children for a mining company up north he continued with his 
painting offering some of the non-indigenous workers a small insight to his art while holding a small 
art class, out of all experiences he has had in his life so far. Ando puts this time spent away from the 
ones he loves as the most inspirational time to paint what he feels. He has found that the expression 
he can achieve with painting he would never be able to achieve while tattooing.
Trying to get into small competitions and exhibitions in Geraldton, Wiluna and Perth Ando found 
himself being rejected until a local elder artist introduced him to the manager of a gallery in Mt 
Magnet who helped Ando get into the first ever viewing of his art. Attending this event was a friend 
and his wife who saw something in Ando’s art that only a few elders from Meekatharra had seen.
Ando hopes you enjoy his art as much as he enjoys showing you his stories…

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