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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides


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De Angel, born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1966.

He educates himself in an autodidactic mannerin the world of painting, while he works within different artistic fields: photography, graphic design, infography illustration, etc.

He collaborates with Chicago merchandisers (USA) carryning out oil-paintings of landscapes
and stilllifes.

He has exposed his work, individually and collectively in galeries, cultural centres and artistic exhibitions.

He has got painting in official and private collections.

He has been awarded with several drawing and painting prizes.

Nowadays, he lives in Barcelona, where he works in his own studio in the historic centre of the city (Ciutat Vella).

DeAngel nace en Barcelona, donde se forma de manera autodidacta en la pintura desde temprana edad, lo que derivará en un estilo realista poco común, paseándose por propuestas subrealistas, pop-gráficas o el mas puro realismo naturista.
Siempre buscando el equilibrio, como en antiguas filolsofias, entre cuerpo, mente y espiritu, equivalente aqui con color, dibujo y tema; experimenta en la actualidad, con ejercicios de percepción orientales para poder aplicarlos al arte...
Su obra forma parte de colecciones particulares y de empresas (colección Lotus-IBM).
Le han sido concedidos diversos premios de dibujo y pintura.


Patrick Lucas said...

Impressionnant et très très beau !

artodyssey said...

Je suis d'accord :) Merci Patrick !

Μάντεψε ποια said...

Great realistic work with a great combination of colours!

artodyssey said...

He's work is really fantastic ! I agree 100%. Thanks for comment :)

artodyssey said...

He's work is really fantastic ! I agree 100%. Thanks for comment :)


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