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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Dolf Geudens

"Dolf Geudens is a distinct classical still life painter who on the basis of mainly the Dutch, but also the Flemish tradition, occupies a very particular place within contemporary Belgian art.
 He was born in Antwerp in 1954. During his studies at the academy he came into contact with the work of Giorgio Morandi, which made a very strong impression on him.
 He also has a great admiration for other masters of meditative silence, such as Vermeer, Mark Rothko or the Spaniard Antonio López Garcia.
His paintings have been exposed in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and the US.

About his work:
 "The merely medium-sized to small still lifes of Geudens are showpieces of subtle fine painting, very carefully produced with oil paint on hardboard (masonite).
 As a result of the old technique of painting in layers on average no more than ten paintings a year are made. The paintings are characterized by simplicity and sobriety. The compositions are either closed and pyramidally arranged or parallely reduced on a centrally placed object. Also typical for his work are expressiveness and tangibility of what is depicted, and a harmony of colours exactly attuned to the atmosphere of the image, complementary or enriching, but always maintaining its freshness and avoiding every nostalgic gallery mood.
 While all items (fruit, bottles, stone pitchers, earthenware plates, boxes and jugs, or other old domestic utensils) are reproduced very precisely as objects, both fore- and background - usually indifferent material scenes without much depth - become vibrant colour fields with an endless abundance of fine nuances. Reflections, gloss and shadows raise the delicacy of the painter's piece of work who immerses the objects of the composition in a soft, velvet light, mostly slanting from the left. Everything showy and explicitely theatrically staged or coincidental and anecdotal is avoided, such as exaggerated trompe l'oeil effects and literal or symbolical attributes.
 The rather austere, almost ascetic character of his compostions is the expression of a sublimation of sobriety looking for beauty in simplicity, in order to lift it to something great.
 In this way the still life of Geudens becomes a metaphore for life itself, for the ambivalence between being and not-being, for the profane presence of things as well as their solubility in time and space and their physical transcience." 

Gerd Lindner, Director of the Panorama Museum - Bad Frankenhausen, Germany"

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