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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Emma Franks

"About my work

Currently I am engaged and exploring work which reveals a very personal and poetic response to a very private and inner world, which is still very accessible.

My palette is limited to muted soft blues and greys but with strong tonality, which supports the paintings, powerful in their simplicity.  

The paintings explore feelings of needing to be alone, to find a place in ones mind which is quiet and peaceful.  Are the figures asleep or simply needing to disengage for a while?

The process of creating a painting is spontaneous and playful; often beginning a new work without knowing what will emerge.  I work with thin washes, slowly building up a picture and colour, applying washes of paint then rubbing them away.  I am very excited by the physical act of painting.  I love to see how the painting will take on a life of its own and what might emerge by pure accident."

Emma Franks 

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