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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Hakim Al-Akel

Hakim Al-Akel

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Hakim Al-Akel

Date of birth: April 11, 1965

Place of birth: Taiz, Yemen

Academic Qualifications

1976: Apprenticeship in the studio of the artist Hashim Ali

1987-1994: Master of Arts, Moscow State Academy, Cum Laude with first class honours specialising in frescoes, history of arts and concepts of arts 

1997: Cultural seminar in metal engraving and graphics, Sanaa

1997: Cultural seminar in stone sculpting, Sanaa


1986: Founding member of the Yemeni Plastic Artists Association

1984-1986: Contributed in the drawings for the magazine "New Yemen"

1990: Member of the Administrative Board of the Council of Yemeni Students, Moscow

1994: Lecturer in Free Arts, University of Sanaa, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture

1994-1999: Lecturer in Free Arts and Design, Queen Arwa University, Sanaa

1996: Founding member of the International Yemeni Cultural Symposium (IYCS)

1996: Appointed Assistant Secretary General of IYCS

1996: Member of the International Association of Arts, (IAA-AIAP)

1996: Representative of the IAA in Yemen

1996: Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Regional Conference of the International Federation of Plastic Artists

1997: Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Conception of the Yemeni Plastic Artists Union

1997: President of the Yemeni Plastic Artists Union

1997: Coordinated technical workshops for the children's project "Children Drawing their Rights".

1998: General Manager of "Takween for Artistic Design and Printing"

1998-2002: Designed most of the jacket covers for the publications of the Yemeni Books Authority

1998: Interior design and implementation of the Children's Library, Sanaa

1999: Execution and implementation of the internal décor for the House of Culture, Sanaa

1999: Chief Editor of "Tashkeel", newspaper of plastic artists

2000: Started devoting all his time to painting

1997: Judge in the children's competition organized by the Yemeni Family Society

2000: Judge in the competition of "Fine Arts Curricula at the Secondary Stage"

2001: Judge in the "Paint for Young Arabs" competition, Tunisia

2002: Judge in the Ninth Arts Exhibition, Sultanate of Oman

2008: Judge in the Festival of Miniatures and Ceramics, Almadiyah, Algiers

2008: Judge in the 35th Annual Exhibition, Bahrain

2009: Judge (Secretary of the Judges Committee) in the International Festival of Miniatures and Ceramics, Algiers

2008-09-10: Member of the Judges Committee in the Youth Competition

2003: Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Tourism

2003: Integrated and executable study presented for the design of the Balfaqih Theatre, Hadramaut

2003: Designing and supervision of the "Children's Theatre" at the Sanaa Culture Centre

2003: Preparation of key documents for cultural events for the "Sanaa – Capital for Culture 2004"

2003: Chief coordinator of the project confirming the original colours (Al-Sokulah) of the old city of Sanaa

2003: Member of the restoration committee of Bait Raghib (Sanaa Arts Museum)

2003: Member of the committee for the acquisition of Yemeni manuscripts

2003: General supervisor for the renovation and equipping of the National Museum, Sanaa 

2004: Organizer for the Japanese Graphics Exhibition, House of Culture, Sanaa

2004: Member of the Board of Trustees of the Friends of the Book Forum

2005: Technical advisor to the magazine "Al-Kitab"

2005: Preparation of studies and designs of frescoes and statues for Taiz

2005: Comprehensive design of the Al-Baradoni Library, Dhamar

2006: Coordinator of the workshop and the requirements of the design of the National Library, Sanaa

2006: Chief coordinator of the 23rd Sanaa International Book Fair

2007: Advisor to the Minister of Culture on Plastic Arts and Art Houses

2007: General Supervisor of the Acquisitions Committee, Ministry of Culture

2008-09-10: General Coordinator of the Youth Competition in Plastic Arts

2008-09-10: General Coordinator of the International Sanaa Forum of Plastic Arts

2009: Director of the Pottery and Ceramics Heritage Development Project

2010: National Coordinator of the new Yemeni Strategic Project concerned with heritage (PASYP)

Published several critical studies in local and Arab newspapers and magazines

Designed many posters and books and supervised their printing for government and non-government organizations

Participated in several symposia, panel discussions and workshops

Organized various group exhibitions

Design and executed many frescoes in Moscow and Sanaa

Awarded many certificates of appreciation and shields locally and internationally

Designed and implemented many interior decoration projects for government and private institutions

Proficient in the computer application "Adobe Photoshop"

Feasibility studies done for various cultural projects

Books under publication

"Shifting Images and Formations" a critical study of fine arts in Yemen

"Privacy and Universality in the Arts" a criticism of the arts

The artists works are present in or owned by Moscow, State Museum "Aiszewsk"
Admortia Republic Russia, Italy, Beirut, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany,
Britain, Egypt, Morocco, France, U.S.A., U.A.E., National Museum Taiz, Yemeni Bank 
for Reconstruction and Development Sanaa, Passports Authority Sanaa, Prime Ministers 
Office Sanaa, Al-Afeef Cultural Institution Sanaa, Ministry of Culture and Tourism 
Sanaa, Ministry of Information, sculpture entitled "Cohesion in Marble" in Alieh, 
Lebanon, frescoes at Al-Khiam, Lebanon, Naeem Farhat Museum, Jordan Museum,
Ministry of Culture, China, large number of paintings in private collections


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