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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Hugo Grenville

Hugo Grenville was born in 1958. Although he first exhibited in London at the Chelsea Arts Society at the age of 15, it took him another 14 years to become a full time painter. After leaving school he travelled the Hippy Trail to India, ran out of money, joined the Coldstream Guards and served as an officer in Northern Ireland, West Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) during the Civil War, and finally as an Aide-de-Camp to C-in-C British Army of the Rhine, during which time he painted whenever possible, and studied part-time at Chelsea School of Art and Heatherley's. Working first in advertising and then as an art dealer, he finally submitted to the need to paint full time in 1989. Since then he has held 14 One Man Shows (including 8 with Messum's in Cork St and recently with Wally Findlay International in New York and Palm Beach), has painted portraits of leading figures including the late Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Runcie and the counter-tenor Michael Chance in the role of Orpheus at the ENO, and has been an Official War Artist in Bosnia. Every year Hugo runs his now famous painting school from the painter's retreat that is his home and studio at St James's Farm in Suffolk. 

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