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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jun Ho Cho

I have spent long time just to find an answer of what is art.
 When I started studying about art in Germany, I was asked for the first time ‘why do I paint?’
 From the question change of ‘What is’ to ‘Why am I’ have directed myself to have motivation of the work I am going to create. The presence of ‘I’ had motivated myself to find the true purpose of work I will be going forward. My earlier general motives for painting should be social problems, ideology, political issues and idiosyncratic shape. However these are not motives for me anymore.
 The only important motive for me is the connection between my ’I‘ and the existence.
 The change subject of ‘why am I painting?’ from ‘ what is art?’ is directed me to grow up as a painter who expresses with faith, and had me realized to be far from the artist who themselves believe as artist become their slaves of art theory. This separated me from an after maker (art-historians, critics who are based on the theories) who values art to become a painter as a pre-maker who expresses sincerely.
 Rather than give the answer of why am I painting, each painting’s outcome of process will represent to find the answer.

münster, Germany

1990-1993 Art High School, Pusan, South-Korea 
 1993-2002 Free Art at Chung-Ang University, Seoul South-Korea 
 2004 - 2008 Art Academy in Muenster (Prof.Frisch) 
 2008 gast Prof. Rusche 
 2009 - Prof.Klaus Merkel 
 2010 - Masterstudent


 2011 Lucas Cranach price, special price 
 2010 "Prix du jeune art 2010" Fondation Jung-Hun Mécénat, Paris 

 Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Germany
 Dong-il Group, South-Korea

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