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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Rico Blanco

Rico's early (and some say best) work were the crayon and biro drawings of pirate ships that he scribbled on the walls of his family home. There were two clear loves in his life; making pictures, and being a practicing pirate. He struggled with competing ambitions for many years before comitting himself to the latter.

After studying Illustration at Brighton, Rico moved on to more ambitious painting projects, using brushes and paints, together!

His work is built up using seemingly random mark-making and by limiting the focus to 2 or 3 major elements he creates scenes that appear as fragments of a narrative.

He mixes highly detailed imagery with stark negative space to effect, treading close to the fine line of complete and in-complete.

 Rico finds inspiration in found imagery, using his extensive archive of old books and magazines. He also has a healthy interest in the natural world and the human form.


Luis-Kiko said...

Me encanta lo que haces, tu blog.-

Mirella S. said...

Hola, vengo del blog Fulva Lux, me han gustado mucho tus trabajos y quería pedirte autorización para utilizar alguno de tus dibujos (con la correspondiente aclaración de tu nombre), para mi blog de cuentos.
Te invito a que lo visites.
Saludos desde Buenos Aires.

artodyssey said...

Muchas Gracias Luis :)
Buenos dias !

artodyssey said...

Yo no tengo la exclusividad en Internet Mirella :) Todo aquí es gracias a los artistas, sólo te pido que no te olvides de poner sus nombres.
Saludos desde Portugal!


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