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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Rockford Orvin

It’s exhilarating to think about the complexity of the human mind- the miraculous and beautiful piece of machinery it is, with multifarious processing levels. The experiences I have while navigating my thoughts are incredible, and I’m constantly inspired by the mind’s elaborate network of knowledge and connection.

My thoughts are like seeds, and with each stroke of idea and emotion a new plant takes root to create a varied garden. A look inside my mental meadow would reveal everything from fertile soil and bright blooms to suffocating weeds and overgrown brush. You’ll see it all; at it’s worst and at it’s best, full of comedy and full of tragedy.

This is my art; a garden grown from rooted thought inspired by a pure connection of simple daily occurrence. At times my message is deliberate, at times it is subtle, but the viewer determines the rapport, which as the Gardner empowers me to create art in which a person can engage directly and honestly.

I use powerful color schemes and sharp line to provide an ambiance in which the onlooker can rest to enjoy a medley of intentional emotion. Like thought, each color is unique and demands personal attention that is only experienced by the individuality of the observer. To me, a bold yellow can give a quick jab, dull grays make me feel quiet and slow, and a black and white painting can soothe my mind from everyday commotion. My subject matter comes by personal experiences and the connection I value between my relationships and life.

There is a deep and satisfying bond that comes when I create each piece, and the emotional release I feel is paramount. I make art with sincerity and gratitude and hope that others can become part of this complex, yet simple partnership

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