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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Chris Riccardo

"We are living in a world of hypocrisy, it permeates us like a virus, making us weaker everyday. We as a society have lost our ability to think for ourselves and are told what we should eat and wear and drive and whom we should fuck. 
I make ceramic sculpture that some have said is shocking or disgusting. I believe I am only showing what we are all truly thinking or desire in some way. I do not set out to shock, because I don't believe anything I have created is shocking, I believe it is truth and honesty. If my work does shock or offend then I have struck a nerve in the viewer and I say, 'well done SIr!". It's the hypocrites I want, to present them with something so shocking, yet sculpturally beautiful that they can't take their  eyes off of it!"

1990 - BFA- College of Fine Arts, Boston University, Boston, MA

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