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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Crystal Barbre

"Crystal Barbre touches upon a beautiful deviance through the scope of her painted work.
Fearless and without censor, she plays with themes that would make most uncomfortable.
She embraces the pornographic and revels in our animalistic urges, perfectly rendering our true
nature in spite of what the media has trained our minds to believe and balancing our dark side
with a dark humor. There is no shock to Crystal's artwork, only a confidence and a playful
honesty that comes with a true artist's brush stroke.

Trained at the Gage Academy of Art, Crystal creates with brilliant technique and a Master's eye.
It is no wonder she has been on the radar of publications like Juxtapoz and Bizarre Magazine,
as she is definitely an artist to watch. Sex is not dangerous…In this current art climate,
Crystal Barbre is."


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