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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Edward Taylor

"In my current work I choose to depict the man-made environment which I inhabit and interact with on a daily basis. I like to observe and record as accurately as I can. I make the scene my own by painting the view from an unusual angle which in some cases can often juxtapose different elements and presents the vista in a new light, or by adding loaded imagery, changing adverts, road signs etc. I have a keen interest in architecture especially ecclesiastical, I enjoy exploring in my work how building styles/ functions can compliment or be at odds with one another."


"I am a Bristol based artist.
My current work is influenced by the architectural diversity of Bristol, particularly its abundance of
ecclesiastical buildings.
I take inspiration from the rich historical tale that surrounds the periods of building and neglect in the
city. This is a major factor in buildings from many periods existing together.
I mainly work in oil, pen and ink."


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