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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Eric Bailey

"Having many sources of fascination from an early age, the heart of artist Eric Bailey's practice is in the influence he draws from his surroundings. From the coastal settings of Big Sur and Santa Cruz, Ca to the streets of San Francisco, Bailey finds artistic inspiration in the natural meets modern. This comes through in his classical style oil paintings that fuse glamour with nature and turn a contradictive eye on the traditional thought of luxury. Bailey currently resides in San Francisco, Ca where he intends to take his concept of naturalism versus materialism even further. Intermingling the two-standout energies of Northern and Southern California, Bailey plans to give life to the final product. When executed the collection will be a facetious concoction of the organic beauty of unrefined settings meshed with the polished refinement of extravagance".

Eric Bailey

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