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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

France Fauteux

Born into a family of artists, France Fauteux was raised in a farmhouse near Shawinigan, Quebec. Thus developed her passion for animals and especially for birds. The elements of nature and the harmony that reigns in nature were for her an inexhaustible source of inspiration. She adored making comparisons between animal and human behavior.
At the Collège de Shawinigan in 1966, she was initiated into ceramics, learning the techniques of shaping and modeling,

In the mid-1970s, she familiarized herself with the throwing techniques at the "École de Céramique Julien"  of Quebec. Her interest in clay technologies and surface treatments led her to conduct further research, in particular on earthenware. She enrolled in numerous advanced training sessions, notably at Queen’s University in Kingston, the University of Ottawa, and the "École-atelier de céramique de Québec" (formerly "La Maison du Potier"). These sessions brought her into contact with such renowned masters as Ken Ferguson, Cynthia Bringell, Richard Zakin, Robin Hooper, and Maurice Savoie.

In 1999, she attended the Ceramic Millennium international symposium in Amsterdam. She also received an education in management and administration.

She opened her workshop in 1979. France Fauteux has since taken part in about fifty exhibitions in some thirty galleries, museums, and cultural centers in Quebec and abroad, including the Shayder School of Art and Art History Gallery in Denver, Colorado, the Hammond Harkins Galleries in Bexley, Ohio, the "Maison du Québec" in Barcelona, the "Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin" and the Art-Craft Gallery in Montreal and, finally, the Jeannine Blais gallery in North Hatley, Quebec. Her unique pieces belong to many public and private collections, notably the Maison Cartier collection in Montreal and the Fort Chambly collection, which feature her reproductions of 18th and 19th century cream ware. During many years, France Fauteux also produces limited editions of birds and animals in fine earthenware for distribution across Canada.

Since 1992, On many occasions, she has taught at the "École-atelier de céramique de Québec" and has also sat on its board of directors. France Fauteux is often asked to sit on art-craft juries. She occasionally gives talks and serves as a reviewer for the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec.

The Lovards - here
History of a creation

Here I created an imaginary people of eighteen fabulous characters, Among this people, everyone has a special personality and role. They inhabit a wonderful country, designed just for them.

One day, I consulted my eighteen characters and we found that they together form a small nation with its own history. We have chosen to tell you about this country, its way of life, and its core beliefs.

I gave them a body and life.
I gave them an idyllic country, worthy of them.
I gave them a real challenge to meet.
I gave them “tenderness”

Welcome to the Island of Love, among the Lovards.

Les Amourois - ici
Histoire d'une création

J’ai créé ici un peuple imaginaire, comprenant dix-huit personnages fabuleux. Chacun a sa personnalité propre et un rôle bien défini à jouer. Ils habitent un pays merveilleux que j’ai conçu juste pour eux.

Un jour, j’ai consulté mes dix-huit personnages et nous avons constaté qu’ils forment ensemble une petite nation qui à son histoire. Nous avons choisi de vous raconter ce pays, la vie qui s’y déroule et les convictions qui l’animent.

Je leur ai donné un corps et une vie. 
Je leur ai donné un pays idyllique, à leur mesure.
Je leur ai donné un défi passionnant à relever 
Je leur ai donné « la tendresse »

Bienvenue en l’Ile d’Amour, chez les Amourois.

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