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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Guy Troughton

Guy Troughton is one of Australia’s most respected watercolour artists.  Best known for his beautiful bird, wildlife and landscape paintings, Guy’s work captures the spirit and essence of the natural world with passion. Imbued with mystery his paintings have a calm, sometimes surreal quality to them.  A fervent naturalist, Guy loves the challenge of painting watercolours en plein-air (outdoors) as well as in his studio.  When he is not painting, Guy promotes the medium of watercolour through the prestigious Australian Watercolour Institute (AWI) and also teaches watercolour classes and workshops – sharing his passion and knowledge with others.

Born in the UK, Guy moved to Australia in 1997 and currently lives near Manly in Sydney with his wife Ellie and their two sons.

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