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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Katy Sullivan

Katy Sullivan is a portrait artist based just north of Cheltenham on the Gloucestershire Worcestershire border.

Her love of portraiture stems from a fascination with people. From a young age she drew people and even at the age of twelve had an ability to capture a likeness. It was this interest in people that led her into an initial career in Medicine and she worked as a GP until 2005.

It wasn’t until after the birth of her second child that her passion for drawing was rekindled and though having not drawn for nearly 10 years very quickly developed her skills as a portrait artist. Initially she concentrated on developing her drawing skills and was commissioned to do several pencil portraits. This she combined with a love of portrait photography – the two skills complimenting each other well.

She has only recently been painting in oil – her second ever oil painting being selected for the Holburne Portrait Prize exhibition and winning the people’s choice award.

“Now that I’m painting I’m happy – and while the paintbrush is in my hands I can’t understand why I could have ever considered another path. It is an all consuming passion from which I know I will never tire.”


Clarissa Rodriguez said...

Gracias muchas gracias, por tantas y tan bellas imágenes.

Es probable que por la cantidad de seguidores que tienes, ya no leas los comentarios. Aun así, quiero darte las gracias por tu trabajo, precioso, y por la generosidad de compartirlo.

Los mejores deseos para tu vida, con la bendición de Dios Todopoderoso

artodyssey said...

Fue un placer leer tu mensaje. Sólo vuesta presencia justifica mantener esta página.

Muchas gracias Clarissa


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