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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Margaret Wozniak

New York sculptor Margaret Wozniak was born in Poland and studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow. Originally working in bronze, she now devotes her time exclusively to clay, a transition that allows for wider scope, freedom of expression, and the exceptional use of color. Each work is handbuilt and meticulously painted with carefully formulated glazes.

Wozniak's art cannot be easily categorized in terms of style. Her works evoke both a strong reverence for antiquity and serene feelings of the spiritual and mythic realms: choirs of small angels caught in mid-song; the winged steed Pegasus standing proudly in muted shades of pastel; bowls and other lidded vessels that might well have served in ancient religious or ceremonial rites. Animals and trees are also dominant themes; horses (sometimes carrying small children on their backs), birds, deer, dogs, reindeer - many perched atop other figures and vessels, some standing or sitting alone. The more modern pieces include larger angels, as well as figures and busts of men, women, and children, some in quiet repose, others in movement or at play. These vary in color from monochromatic to subtle hues and bold strokes. Beautiful plates and platters carry forward the animal and tree designs in finely executed drawings and carvings, with color again being used from minimum to maximum advantage for each piece.

Margaret Wozniak is an emerging artist whose time has come. She has participated in various arts and craft shows in the New York area, including the Lincoln Center festival. In addition, she has received commissions from private collectors who are becoming increasingly aware of the beauty, originality, and museum-quality appeal of her art.


Susan Roux said...

These are all so beautiful. There's a wonderful element of gentleness in her work.

artodyssey said...

Yes, it's amazing ! I'm glad you like it Susan. Thanks for comment :)


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