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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Maurizio L'Altrella

Maurizio L’Altrella was born in Milan in 1972. He left school early to work only to realize that his true vocation was painting. He went to evening classes to pursue his passion and eventually quit his job to focus on his art. Since then, L’Altrella has held a variety of shows, attracting the attention of collectors and critics.
In his early work, L’Altrella explored the world of childhood and adolescence. These oil and enamel panels show his young subjects partially consumed by the surrounding canvas and merging into their depths. The figures in his latest works are adults depicted with the heads of donkeys. The animal acts as a metaphor for a character type that interests the artist: honest, hardworking and well-meaning but at the same time, ‘blinkered’ and stubborn, trapped by its own narrow vision and conventional mindset.

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