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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Suzi Mather

"Suzi Mather is not the product of any art school or college. There are no degrees hanging on her walls, only the multitude of awards and ribbons given to her by those with degrees in the arts. She is truly the epitome of the born artist.

From the first, Suzi has painted what she knows and loves. A great animal lover and horsewoman, her paintings evolved from horses, cowboys and Indians, through farm animals and children to her current passion - cats.

Suzi has developed a method almost unheard of in the use of water colors, painting from dark to light rather than light to dark as virtually all other watercolorists do. This enables Suzi to achieve the deep, rich colors and brilliant highlights that draw the eye to her paintings.

Mellowed and tamed by years of struggle, her eye now sought that which was pleasing and healing. The result has been watercolor paintings of cats which are neither cutesy nor stylized, but very real in a warm, almost touchable sense."

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