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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides



Born in 1973, Kanchanmala received a Diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in the Western style of painting in 1999. She has participated in various art exhibitions since and has participated in more than ten solo shows at various prestigious venues.
Apart from executing joyous compositions of flowers, landscapes & figures in vibrant colours on canvas, Kanchanmala concentrates on monochromatic, realistic studies of the male and female form. Her style is dramatic, contemporary & striking and the use of light & shade is skillfully executed.
Whilst creating wonderful portraits primarily in charcoal, Kanchanmala from time to time adds a hint of another colour in various dozes, not only to break the monotony of black & white, but also to highlight the finer nuances underlying the work. These subtle undertones are the foundation of Kanchanmala's well balanced compositions, which inspire her from within & captivate the viewer. Red is a natural follow up from 
Kanchanmala's previous show titled Blue. While Blue signified melancholy & pensiveness, Red symbolizes a 
shift in mood: passion, vivaciousness & love is what Red stands for. It is a natural & positive step in the process of her evolution as an artist. White was the theme of her last show, emphasizing purity.
She has sold her works in Dubai, Malaysia, London & the USA. 

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Anirban said...

I happened to see one of the your art in google while searching for something..
Your art is so so so beautiful and mesmerising. I wasn't aware of your name. It must be my ignorance as I am not much into the world of fine arts. But I think you would be one of the best in your form or art. Keep it up and let us get to see more of your art through such medium like blogs.

Anirban Shome


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