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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Karine Jollet

Karine Jollet

Karine Jollet constructs body parts from old bed sheets and shirts, embroided handkerchieves and second-hand fabrics.

“The body as an enigma,
I explore step by step,
piece by piece, as a space to rebuild, to unify. The fabric came naturally as an analogy of our own biological tissues: bone, fibrous, crystalline …From old sheets, old shirts, embroidered handkerchiefs of textile worn … I cut pieces, assemble them, the model with cotton wool and sew by hand. Thus occurs a reconstruction of the limbs (arms, legs, heads ) and various organs and bones. As mirrored in anatomy are symbolic forms: crystal beads, flowers, animals, dreams, allegories, dreams. Inspiration comes from the ancient arts, primitive votive. between these different worlds , naturalism and symbolism to meet through a common language: the white. Tribute to the union of mind and body.Celebration of life.”

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