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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Kyoko Tokumaru

Kyoko Tokumaru

963 born in Tokyo, Japan
1992 MFA from Tama Art University Graduated School (Major :Ceramic)
Competition and Prize
1990 19th Choza Prize Grand prize
1992 Mino International Ceramic Art Festival
2000 Izushi Porcelain Competition Bronze prize

"I create my work with accumulation of a lot of texture of porcelain.
My work’s purpose is inviting the audience to their introspection by the power of growth and ambiguity that my pieces represent.

I have been attracted to the power of excess of decollation art, mainly in Asia.
In those expressions, every detail has meaning and was put with consideration, but too many of details make chaos of disharmony.
Then the audiences sense only strong and odd power of whole of it.
When the audiences wonder what that power was, they have to go down deeply into their inner using the sense they got as the clue and finally they can find something they surly need at that time.
That is the trip and its destination which the audiences and those arts work together.

Actually the way I make my pieces is just the trip going down deeply into myself, too.
After I get rough plan and theme, I make shape improvisationaly with conversations through I and the shape getting growing.
Often the pieces have taken shapes which I never expect through that process.
Though those shapes are exactly I really need under my self consciousness and real theme through the conversation we - I, shape growing and the slab of porcelain - had.

By appreciating my work, I want to the audiences have a trip like those, tripping longing after mine, tripping different course from mine or tripping farther than mine and find something they need or just enjoy the process of their inner trip.
That is the goal of my work."

Kyoko Tokumaru

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