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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Li Xiangqun

Li Xiangqun

Professor&PhD Supervisor, Tsinghua University Academy of Art and Design

Member, Tsinghua University Academy of Art and Design Academic Committee

Representative, Beijing’s People’s Congress

Members of Curatorial Team of The 5th Beijing International Art Biennale, China, 2012

Vice-Chairman, Sculpture Committee, China Artists Association

Vice-Chairman, Sculpture College of China National Academy of Arts

Member, UK Society of Portrait Sculptors

National Publicity and Cultural “Four Talents” Award Winner

Winner of the Third National Virtuous and Skillful Arts Worker Title

Began working as teacher in Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and as professor in Central Acadamy of Fine Arts

1961      Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang

1982      Graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and stayed on as a professor

1990      Received master’s degree in sculpture from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

1990      Began working at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Research Institute

2000      Began working as a professor in the Sculpture Department of the Tsinghua

           University Academy of Art and Design

Li Xiangqun as one of the concrete sculpture leaders in Chinese contemporary art field insists on integrating "new humanism" concept into his work with strong artistic appeal. His portrait characters bring people shock and moved; sculptures in his hand became records and continuance of history, showing the strength of artist thought. His representative works are as follows: Heaping Cloud & Snow, Red Star Over China, Mao Zedong in the sunshine, we are walking on the road and so on. Many works were collected by the National Art Gallery, Chinese Modern literature Museum, National Museum and International Olympic Committee. Some works won the special and the first prize in the third and fourth session of National Sports Arts Exhibition; some won the honorable mention in second National City Sculpture Exhibition, the eighth National Fine Arts Exhibition and New China Sculpture contribution Achievement Award; British Portrait Statues Annual Exhibition Freakley best prize, Pangolin prize. At the same time of art creation, Li Xiangqun has insisted on teaching career for more than 30 years, cultivating a large number of artistic students and making continuation for Chinese sculpture continuance.

Li Xiangqun as representative of people's congress has submitted a bill named to protect an old industrial building heritage, a growing culture area which has made a contribution for 798 cultural and creative industries retaining and development. He focused on the protection of cultural heritage and present proposals; involved in designing the national gifts; donated sculpture to education institution. He has participated in public welfare actively and donated auction profits to charity.


2011      Freakely Prize / FACE2011: The Annual Exhibition of the Society of Portrait Sculptors/

        London, UK

2011      National Publicity and Cultural “Four Talents” Award Winner / Beijing, China

2011      National Virtuous and Skilled Art Worker / Beijing, China   

2009      Achievement Award / New China Urban Sculpture / Beijing, China

2009      Award for Excellence / Yixing Urban Sculpture Competition / Yixing, China

2009      Top Ten Contributor / Chaoyang District Cultural and Creative Industries / Beijing, China

2006      Pangolin Prize / FACE2006: The Annual Exhibition of the Society of Portrait Sculptors /

        London, UK

2004      Award for Excellence / Third National Urban Sculpture Exhibition / Beijing, China

2003      Bronze Award / Tsinghua University Professors' Exhibition / Beijing, China

2001      Award for Excellence / International Exhibition of Arts and Sciences / Beijing, China

1997      First Prize / Fourth National Sports Art Exhibition / Beijing, China

1994      Excellence Award / Second National Urban Sculpture Exhibition / Beijing, China

1994      Award for Excellence / Eighth National Fine Art Exhibition / Beijing, China

1993      Special Prize / Third National Sports Art Exhibition / Beijing, China

1991      Excellence Award / Dazi Hope Open Air Museum / Ibaraki, Japan

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