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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Mitsuyoshi Haruguchi

Sep. 30th Born at 32 Higashi-tsuboi Kumamoto city in Japan as a second son among two sons and four daughters of Tosaburo (44 years old) and Sayo (34 years old) Haruguchi. His elder brother died soon after birth. Although aspired to be a novelist, he launched a career of a cook after training in Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan) because of his father’s objection a literary life. During his life, Tosaburo understood and supported Mitsuyoshi’s desire to become a painter during his life.
Apr. Entered Kumamoto-city run Kurokami elementary school.
Mar. Graduated from Kumamoto-city run Kurokami elementary school.
Apr. Entered Kumamoto prefectural Seiseiko junior high school, later associated with senior high schools due to educational system reform of Japan.
Apr. Received the award for outstanding performance in the Kumamoto-city Hinokunimatsuri-festival High School Student Art Exhibit .
Nov. His work “Deserted Station” (6F: 31.8cm×41cm), painted while in the third grade of junior high, was displayed at the Kumanichi General Art Exhibition organized by Kumamoto Nichi Nichi Shinbun newspaper company.
Apr. Awarded the Excellent prize in the High School Student Art Exhibit in Kumamoto-city Hinokunimatsuri-festival.
Apr. Ebihara Art Laboratory (Rokken-cho, Kumamoto city) was established when he was in the third grade of senior high. Received guidance from Kinosuke Ebihara. “Sheep Pen” (10F 45.5cm×53cm) was displayed at the Exhibition of Kumamoto Prefecture Artist Association and awarded the Mayor’s Prize of Kumamoto.
Mar. Graduated from Kumamoto Seiseiko senior high school.
Apr. Entered the Kyoto City University of Arts, Fine Art Division. While a student of the university, he came in contact with Ryuken Sawa, Heizo Tatsumura and Shigenobu Kimura in his chosen art laboratory.

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