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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nantu Behari Das

Nantu Behari Das

Born 1977.

Nantu has done MVA in Sculpture from the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. 

In creating the current series, Nantu inadvertently brings to the fore his intrinsic childlike temperament. 

His children at play are driven from within and therefore, manage to evoke a smile and touch one's heart. He draws a parallel with children and the soft fur they are associated with. Yet, in creating these works of wonder, Nantu juxtaposes the thought of tenderness with a medium as hard as metal, only to create the perfect illusion.
His figures compel you to reach out and feel them.  Whether it is a child attempting a somersault or one tackling a ladder, the fur throws out a feeler; and when you actually feel it, it stares you in the face, because of its conflicting revelation. This is the masterstroke of Nantu Bihari Das. 

Nantu Behari's organic sculptures are mostly made out of fibreglass, nails and screws. Quantum physics tells 
us that apparently solid objects contain vast empty spaces, populated by tiny particles whose individual relationships create the whole, and that a single particle can exist in two separate places during one moment in time.

It is this dichotomy that he expresses by embracing opposites - the tension between humans and nature; the perils of balancing biology and technology; the combination of ancient forms with modern techniques. He further enhances these contradictions by the materials he uses : the form which appears solid and realistic is made using something as quotidian as nails.

Medium and expression are interlinked. One creates the other. His Sculptures grow out of his confrontation with life and reality around him. His works are mostly figurative and expressionist in character. 

This unconventional mixed medium induces an air of irony, sarcasm, melancholy, anguish in the expression of his mostly figurative images making them vibrant, at once, with an inner force and turmoil of the outer world.

The ideal  of Rabindranath Tagore induced in him to  believe that  although  art is generated  from  the  memory  of  past tradition,  its  uniqueness  lies in surpassing the tradition and building up new  norms  through  assimilation of contemporary, local and global value.


    Completed B.V.A. (Hons.) in Sculpture with a First Class form Rabindra Bharati University in the year 

    Completed M.V.A. in Sculpture with a First Class from the Rabindra Bharati University in the year 2006.


    Awarded for best entry sculpture at the Student Annual Art Exhibition of Faculty of Visual Arts Rabindra 

Bharati University – 2001, 2003, 2005 & 2006.
    Awarded Gold Medal in B.V.A. by Rabindra Bharati University in the year 2004.
    Best Sculpture award from All India Fine Arts Exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts for the year 2005.
    Best Sculpture Award from All India Fine Arts Exhibition of the West Bengal State Academy of Dance, Music and Visual Arts  2004.
    Certificate of Merit from All India Fine Arts Exhibitions of the Academy of fine Arts for the year 2005.


    Participation in ''Samhita'' the national level seminar-cum-Workshop held during 16th – 20th November 

2004, in Specialization of Sculpture. Organized by College of Art (Government of NCT of Delhi).
    Participated in the DOKRA workshop organization by the faculty of visual art (R.B.U) in the Dept. of 

Sculpture, from 8th to 18th December, 2003 at Chita Bhaban, Emerald Bower Campur.
    Participated in the 'DYE & PRINT ON CLOTH' workshop organized by the Faculty of Visual Arts in the Dept. 

of Painting from 7th to 12th March, 2005 at Emerald Bower Campus by Sri Snehangsu Dekhar Das, Designer, 

Regional Design & Technical Development Centre, Ministry of Textile. KHOJ – Dec – 2008
    Organized by LALIT KALA ACADEMY (Govt. Art College) in Tripura.



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